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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer is not over yet ......

We had a pretty rainy beginning of summer, but July and August have been perfect for swimming and enjoying the backyard. The pool has been crystal clear and the water temperature perfect.

I will be leaving Friday to visit family, and, sadly, when I come back swimming season will most likely be over.

We are very excited to meet our granddaughter end of September. Fran is feeling well, maybe a tad exhausted, she has been on many outings with Simon.

Dottie and Maeby

Isn't she the cutest dog!

It's hard work

Montrose Beach

Lil'  Kickers

Sprinkler Fun
Chef in Training: You want a hot potato or a  'punnel' cake?
Blackberry Farm

On the way to Ditka's

Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup

Marina Towers

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