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Monday, August 5, 2013

Just in Case you Wonder ...

... if I'm still quilting! Wonder no more! I have been working hard on beautiful customer quilts, too many to show them all. Here are some of them:

Promises by Leanne

Family Tree by Lydia

Shanda's Stitchers' Garden

Louettes Star Quilt

London Tube made by me

Tulip Quilt by Cheryl

Another Gorgeous Tulip Quilt by Cheryl

Fireworks Quilt by Deb Tr. (the picture doesn't do it justice)
Judy's T-Shirt Quilt
Marcia's Dots and Spots

Yvonne's Harley Fleece Quilt

Sonya's Gold Quilt

Joan's Sister Quilt

Joan's and Pat's Sisters Quilt, yes there were two!

And there were many, many more!

Where has Summer Gone?

July has come and gone! First sooo hot, now sooo rainy and cool.

We celebrated Fran's 30th birthday on July 9th with a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry (her wish not ours). First we wanted to go to the Zoo, but it was humid and hot, and we didn't know if it would be raining. We love the museum, even Dan was very much entertained. The German 'U-Boot' is always fascinating. Fran was more interested in the hatching chicks. And Simon loved everything!

Then, of course, a couple of days later we had to go to the Zoo. Very disappointing! The animals were nowhere to be found, it was most likely too hot for them, especially the polar bears. We saw one lonely Giraffe with sagging skin who seemed to enjoy the hot weather.

Hot Day at the Zoo

Old Giraffe

Where are the Animals?

Lincoln Park Zoo

Boing 727 above at Museum of Science and Industry

Dan talks to Simon

We also went to the Railroad Days Parade in West Chicago where our friends Rudi and Ann Rust were Grand Marshalls!

Rudi and Ann Rust

Of course, Simon is familiar with all the Al Fresco restaurants in Roscoe Village, he loves to go out and mingle!

Piazza Bella

All in all, Simon gives July a thumbs up!

Simon at Ravinia