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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yes, I blinked!

How can it already by November? And a wind chill of 10 below? Didn't we just swim in the pool the other day?

We celebrated Fran's Birthday in July with a trip to the Blackberry Farm so Simon could ride the train and the tractors.

A trip to the City with Dan is always on the agenda in Summer, so we can ride the water taxi.

Of course, Fall wouldn't be the same without a retreat at the Hampton Inn.

We also enjoyed a great evening out with Fran and Luke to see the Million Dollar Quartet at the Apollo Theater.

John visited from LA to pick up his car and drive it across the country.  We enjoyed a nice  lunch at JuRin to celebrate his birthday.

October was extremely hectic. First we had a retreat (should have had that at the end of October!). As always, I get a lot of sewing done.  But it was always on my mind that I had to finish two big Judy Niemeyer quilts within the next two weeks for Anthology Fabrics. They were to hang in their Houston Quilt Market booth.

While I was working on those two quilts, Klaus and Ursel were visiting from Germany.  They are just so much fun to be with. I hope they didn't feel too neglected because of my working in the studio.  We went to the City for Klaus' 70th birthday dinner. And, of course, we went to Ditka's.

We also had an Oktoberfest evening at the Brauhaus so Klaus and Toni could meet again (after 30 years!).
How fun! Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures when we had a barbecue evening at Bob and Donna's house. Great food and great company!

October also brought the Prairie Star Quilters Guild biennual show. As always, wonderful quilts, vendors, and Elaine's pulled pork! Can't beat that.

Leanne's Autumn Applique Quilt won Best of Show. All in all, my customers received Best of Show, one First Place, two second Place ribbons. I'm so honored that they chose me to finish their quilts.

Then it was time to head to Houston for Fall Quilt Market to meet up with my friends Anne Garner and her sister Linda Crawshaw from England, and from Florida Cathleene Tokish and her friend Kim, and Maureen Capps.  I also had a nice evening with Astrid Oberhauser from Basel.  Schoolhouse and Sample Spree are always fun, the exhibit was fabulous as always.  Leanne had one of her quilts displayed, but there was no photography allowed.

The red and white quilt display was extraordinary.

And now we're into November! Oma was visiting for a couple of weeks. Time was flying by, but she'll be back again.

She was here for Halloween, but we only had one trick or treator at the door. Unfortunately I had to eat all the left over candies myself.

Simon was a dinosaur this year, with his parents guarding him.  I made the dinosaur costume 25 years ago for our John. Memories ....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Distant Memories

I'm finally finding a little window of time to post pictures from our JUNE vacation in Germany. My machine had a hickup today (and fixed quickly thanks to Amy at APQS) and I found time to do laundry, pack for retreat, and now, before it all becomes distant memory, here's a recap.

1)  Realschule Tiengen Klassentreffen
 This was the highlight of my vacation. Getting together with my classmates, we spent 6 years together in the same classroom in the 60's. We hadn't seen each other for so long! So much fun and laughter, it was like old times!

 Landschulheim June 1968

And, here she is, our wonderful teacher Frau Bertold! Doesn't she look fabulous?

We rented two wonderful vacation apartments for our stay in Wutoeschingen. The accommodation was excellent, in the middle of the village, 5 minute walk to my Mom's house!

The cows were right behind the house, so Simon could visit them!

When John and Casey with us, we crossed the Alps to Porto Ronco, Lago Maggiore, Switzerland, and ventured across the border to Cannobio , Italy, to enjoy Prosecco and Grapa and great food!

Cannobio with Ursel, Klaus, Hannes, Marina, Nina, John, Casey, Dieter and Dan

Our favorite Prosecco Place, 2Euros a glass!

Watching Germany : Portugal in a Swiss Bar in Brisago,  a BIG WIN! And then the best dinner at the Lago, Lake Fish in Salt Crust! We did miss out on the dessert though!

Of course, we were hanging out in Wutoeschingen,

John weeding Oma's balcony

John and Timo! Brothers at Heart!

Lots of solar panels
 View from Opa's resting place at the cemetary

And, as always, we LOVE to visit Hannes and Marina, Nina and Michi, and Viola and Ranier! We love to buy shoes, enjoy their back yard, and Hannes' grilling skills. Marina makes the best salads.

Watching the Germany winning the World Cup!


I almost forgot our big Birthday Party! Dieter turned 65, Ursel 60, I turned 60, and Klaus will be 70 in October!

Of course, it is always a highlight to visit Karin in Olten, and enjoy Ernst's cooking!