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Monday, May 28, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

It was so hot this Memorial Day Weekend! 97 Degrees, a record, for sure!

Thankfully the pool was sparkling clear and we enjoyed swimming. Unfortunately the Air Conditioning unit died!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graduation Quilts

I have been having fun working on  graduation quilts, Middle School, High School, College, etc. I made lots of T-shirt quilts for graduating seniors! I love piecing the T-shirt quilts, it's amazing what the students have accomplished in sports, band, clubs, etc., and the places they have traveled to! Here are picture of some of the  quilts:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Dieter and I celebrated our 32nd anniverary of coming to the United States this month. It seems just yesterday that we landed at O'Hare and, this I remember vividly, had dinner at Pizza Hut in Elgin, and then the first 'official' full day in the US, we had lunch at Dieterle's restaurant! How we miss this place.

BUT, today we're celebrating the 59th Wedding Anniversary of my parents, Hans and Anni Blatter! How exciting! My Mom is recovering from her back surgery, my Dad is doing ok. Very hard of hearing, he still doesn't have his hearing aids in all the time. It drives my Mom insane!

I guess we all have to learn how to be patient! Not easy for this girl!

Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Been Awhile

 Last week was a busy week. My Mom had back surgery. I would have liked to be there but my brother handled everything very well. Thank God he lives right around the corner from the hospital. Mom is back home, and will have rehab at home until she leaves for the 'Reha Klinik in Bad Duerheim'  to get back into shape. The surgery seems to have been a success. The back pain is gone!

We also celebrated my birthday and our 32nd anniversary of coming to the United States, and this year will be our 10th year of being a Citizen of this country!

I had lunch with girl friends, dinner with friends  and dinner with the family. I treated myself to a visit to a local quilt show. I received a wonderful bouquet of roses from my husband. All in all I enjoyed being spoiled.

I love April and May, lots of birthdays to celebrate, and, of course, Mother's Day and Dieter's birthday are coming up!

Another highlight was the visit of one of my favorite authors 'Marie Bostwick'  at the Batavia Library. She's a wonderful writer and speaker.  Her newest book came out last week. It's on my Kindle!

Of course, I couldn't take a break from quilting. Here are some pictures of the quilts I finished for customers: