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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back from Houston Quilt Market

I had such fun four days at Quilt Market, meeting old and new friends!

The best way to meet new friends is sitting in line for three hours waiting for Sample Spree to open. This year I was sitting with 'old' friends, Karen DeMello from Spokane, her cousin Linda, and Valerie Langue from the Quilt Merchant in Winfield. But, we also made new friends, owner Lisa Buehler Spalding and manager Dale from the Quilt Foundry in Maumee, Ohio; their store's logo is 'Where Friendships are Forged through Quilting', how fitting! Annie Garner and her sister Linda caught up with us at the Hyatt later. Those English girls have the best sense of humor!!!

Lots of info at  'School House' sessions about fabrics, notions, threads (my favorite)! The most exciting session was from Andover Fabrics; we met the costume designer and production designer for the Downton Abbey series. Kathy Hall designed the new Downton Abbey line of fabrics for Andover.

The quilts in the Houston exhibit our so beautiful. They are displayed in a way that every single quilt seems to be special. Here is Leanne Hurley's  'Millie's Garden' quilt. I'm proud to say that I quilted it. The fabrics Leanne chose and her workmanship made this stunning quilt.

Of, course, after market hours were usually spent in the Hyatt Lobby Bar, so much laughter!! Saturday night we attended the Timeless Treasures party at the Magnolia (thanks Karen L.!!! for the ticket), gambling our (pretend) $5000 chips away at Roulette. Hey, at least we got a T-shirt at the end. One of those years I will win the 'One Week in St. Marteen' prize! We were brave enough to walk back from the Magnolia to the Hyatt, thanks to Lisa and her map!

I finally hooked up with Cathleene and Kim from 'Sweet Darling Quilts' in Lutz, Florida, and Maureen Capps from Port Ritchie, Florida, on Sunday night. Annie Garner and her friend Carrie (?) joined us for a hilarious evening. I hope Maureen is enjoying her longarm classes at Festival.

Today is Halloween Night! So much rain, we didn't have one single 'Trick or Treat'er' ringing the door bell! But, of course, I have to post a picture of my grandson. He was a Lobster, sitting in a pot! It was his first Halloween!

Looking forward to Houston Quilt Market in 2014!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Casey and John's Wedding, More Pictures

The Illig Men
The Illig Girls

Casey and John's Wedding

Here are some great pictures taken by our neighbor David , my friends Deb and Christy. The pictures speak for themselves!

It was a wonderful ceremony and a great party!

Caitlin Hazelton from Hazelton Photography was the official photographer, her pictures will be available soon.