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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coming Full Circle

I met with a new  customer today. She invited me to come to her house and take pictures of a quilt  she bought in 2001 at an auction at our High School.

My son was attending St. Charles North at that time. I think I made the quilt for the music department auction. It was a  Stack'n'Whack pattern with the High School logo. My friend Nancy had just shown me how to do 'bobbin' work with silver ribbon.

I had cut out the fabrics, then realizing the pieces were all wrong. I had to go back to the store to get more fabrics the next day. I was brave enough to ask if they were looking for help. I was hired! This is how my 'Quilt Shop Odyssey' started. I worked there for 9 years, then started my Longarm Business 3 years ago! And loving it!

Karen Flood is donating the quilt back to the school.