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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catching Up

I thought I would post some highlights of the last couple of months before Memorial Day is here and the official beginning of summer!

We were lucky to have great weather for Easter. As we all know weather has been strange in the Chicagoland area. One day it's 90 degrees, a couple of days later it snows.

Casey, Fran, Elvira and Simon

Simon loves the colored Easter Eggs

Grandpa Dieter and Simon wearing their favorite hats

Luke, Dieter, John, Simon and Dan

Then, one week later, the dreaded day was here. I turned 60 years old. But, it is common knowledge that 60 is the new 40!

We went out to Ditka's for dinner with the whole family. I enjoyed a couple of glasses of a nice Duckhorn.

Mother's Day: Unfortunately our favorite place to have Mother's Day Brunch didn't offer it this year. So we switched to Aquaviva Winery. It was good, but I really do miss the Hyatt Brunch.

Simon and his Mom

And, just in time for his first trip to Germany, Simon has his two passports, he's officially a dual citizen!

I would like to share some pictures of the quilts I have worked on lately. I  had to finish 20 quilts this month before Memorial Day. I have one more custom quilt to do.

Cheryl's beautiful Jane Sassaman Quilt

Ellie's fantastic star sampler quilt

Marcia's Eagle Quilt! One of my favorites!

Deanne worked one whole year to finish this gorgeous Applique Affair

Pat's fantastic Glacier Star! LOVE the colors!

Celtic Wave for Anthology Fabrics for Spring Market, perfect piecing, unfortunately it doesn't show the 4 days of custom quilting!
Madison's Quilt from Grandma
Kylie's Quilt! Two lucky girls!
 And there were many, many more. All of them beautiful. Nobody appreciates the work that goes into piecing and applique more than me! I'm grateful to be able to finish my customers' quilts.

Retreat at the Hamptons is coming up next week, and then I'm off to Germany to visit family, finally get to watch World Cup Soccer with my German fans (first time since the 70's), and celebrate my 60th and Dieter's 65th with a big birthday bash at Karle's!