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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Part IV - Shopping

We finally were able to check out Hannes' and Marina's newly remodeled shoe store. It looks fantastic! And I LOVE the shoes!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Part III - Fasnacht/Fasnet/Fasching/Carneval

Volksbank, the music is playing

The Champagne and Beer Bar

Dieter and Herr Budde

The Cashier Girls
I haven't been in Germany for lots of years during 'Fasnacht' time. Even when we went to exchange Euros for Swiss Franks in the local bank, the Village Music Band and the 'Fanfarenzug' stopped by to play and dance. Champagne and 'Tannenzaepfle' were flowing, Bretzels served, and nobody cared about customers. It was fun. I realized how much I miss it. We also drove to the Black Forest to visit Gengenbach. And lo and behold, they had their Fasnet children's parade. The 'Hexen' (men) and 'Spaetle' (women) are awesome. In Horheim, a little closer to home, every club from the village  had a booth set up, they served beer, wine, brats or other food items. It all ends with Ash Wednesday.

In the Black Forest, on the Way to Gengenbach

Schwarzwald Baar Kreis


Sauschwaenzle Bahn Viaduct

Vorbeck Schule, Gengenbach, my Alma Mater

Wurst Salat (Baloney Salad), it's sooo good!

Horig, horig, horig isch de Baer, und wenn dae Baer nit horig waer, do waer er au kein Baer!


I didn't take the sugar cube, the stork said I'd be pregnant the next day!

There was actually a baby in the buggy, dressed up like the mom too

Gengenbacher Hex

Wine, Schnapps and Bier Hut

Hexen without masks waiting for the Parade

I wish I was taller to take pictures

Gengenbacher Hex with Dieter

Part II - Karin's 50th Birthday Party in Olten / Switzerland

The youngest finally turns 50! Happy Birthday Karin!
We planned our departure in Kandersteg (ski area) perfectly to be on time for Karin's 50th birthday party. We ran only about 30 minutes late!

On our Way to Olten

Karin is giving a Speech

Verena (another PBF'ler)

Heated Discussions

Oma, Opa and me

Karin and Dan and her 'train lover' (don't ask)

Part I - Switzerland

We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in Germany and Switzerland. There were so many highlights. Our trip to Kandersteg with Hannes and his family, and Heilemann's, Karin's birthday party, Fasnacht in Wutoeschingen/Horheim/Gengenbach. Also a visit and a great Raclette dinner with Ingrid and Dietrich Schirrmacher, talking about 'visiting the past'! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Excellent Dinners at the Berner Hof

Klaus and Ursele

Marina and Hannes at Lunch at Oeschinen See Restaurant, Zwetschgenkuchen too

Dan and Dieter on the way to lunch

Michi and Nina Snow Boarding

In the Gondola on the Way to the Slopes
Our digs at the Berner Hof Hotel

Even a Balcony

The Best Food

Karin and Ernst are visiting, she's talking to Viola and Ranier.Notice the chandelier, they come out on the weekend.
And then she said: 'Adler, mach bloss kein Scheiss'!

Dieter and Klaus enjoying some Red Wine and Schnapps

Looking out to the Cross Country Ski paths from the Hotel

Frozen Oeschinen See

Look at Hannes going Down Hill

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dan turns 31 today! Happy Birthday!

We had a great dinner with friends and family on Saturday to celebrate Dan's 31st birthday. After careful consideration he picked Olive Garden, his favorite place!

We had lots of laughs, lots of food, lots of boxes to take home. And, we forgot to take them!

He already spent some of his birthday money at Target and Barnes and Noble.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Leanne

I know I'm a couple of days late for Leanne's birthday wishes, but I was busy finishing her gorgeous applique quilt. Leanne is a master appliquer, and she knows how to pick her fabrics. I wish a had a camera that shows the colors better.
We'll celebrate her birthday with a luncheon at Maggiano's tomorrow!
I will post more detailed pictures of the blocks next time.

Leanne and her gorgeous quilt

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